Elna Life

is a blog created by Elna about the machines we produce and all of the great things that you can create with them!

We have a rich heritage of manufacturing excellence and design innovation. We are proud to say that our innovations have changed the way that many of us sew today.

780 Elna Smooth

Elna sewing machines have been around since 1940 and Elna continues to build the company with quality, innovation, and service.

75 years

We hope that by sharing up-to-the-minute news, images and information here on Elna Life, we can spark ideas and conversation about the ever-innovative worlds of sewing, quilting, crafting and creating.

Happy Sewing!

4 Responses to About

  1. FLOR JOTA says:

    Good afternoon, I am in the search of spare parts for the Sewing Machine ELNA Lotus, I know it is very old but I think it is an excellent team to [today. Please let me know an email address or web page to try to locate a part of the gear.
    Thanks for your kind attention

    • lizafrica says:

      If the model of Lotus is one of the original ones from many years ago, we cannot assist you with these parts. Sorry. I am not sure where you can get these parts as I dont belive they are manufactured anymore. Perhaps try sourcing it on the internet?

  2. Esttella Wobker says:

    Hello PLEASE HELP. I live in Kwa Zulu Natal South Africa. I’m battling to find a sewing foot for my Elna Q6600. The foot I need is for sewing with Westalee quilting rulers. It has a thicker lip to accommodate the rulers. I’ve contacted Elna South Africa but got no help.
    Perhaps you can. Yours sincerely Esttella Wobker

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Esttella,

      I was in South Africa in May visiting my brothers. Had a lovely vacation.
      The foot you need is the following: LOW shank Convertible Free motion foot set. + you also need this part # which is the ruler foot attachment for the Convertible set: #767434005. Please see this link for info on the feet :https://janomelife.wordpress.com/2019/01/08/ruler-feet-videos/ andhttps://janomelife.wordpress.com/2015/09/11/janomes-ruler-foot-and-free-motion-using-rulers/


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