Holiday Mug Rug with Rulerwork

This is a great little project to practice your Ruler Work using your Elna Excellence 680+.  We are happy to answer your questions here in the comment box below Supplies:

1 x 7” x 7” printed fabric

1 x 5” x 7” printed fabric

1 x 8” x 12” printed fabric for the back

1 x 8” x 12” batting of your choice ( not too much loft)

Matching thread for piecing, decorative thread or metallic thread,

Straight edge acrylic Ruler designed for machine ruler work

Ruler Quilting Foot

Straight Stitch needle plate and the Zig zag Needle Plate

Extension Table

Marking pencil or marker

Quilting gloves Special low-tension blue bobbin holder for free motion quilting.


1. Sew together the two printed fabrics ¼” seam along the 7” side and press.

2. This mug rug is made envelope style where the back and the top will be sewn right side together and turned inside out.

3. Getting started to quilt the top, place the top wrong side centered on the batting. Do not use the backing at this point.

4. Using a marking pencil or pen draw a 5″ square starting 1/2″ from the seam. The Diagram below shows you the path we will take to sew the twisted log cabin design.

5. Attach your ruler foot to the machine and lower the feed dogs. The stitch length will be determined by the speed of the machine in relation to how fast or slow you move your hands.

6. Using your metallic thread on top and cotton thread in the bobbin, sew using the ruler. Place the ruler at the top left corner 1/4″ away from the drawn line. Bring the fabric and the ruler to the edge of the ruler foot. Start sewing by moving the fabric away from you following the edge of the ruler. Sew on the drawn square starting at the top left working down to the bottom left then to the right and up then back to the beginning. Leave the needle in the down position.

8. Mark 1″ registration marks at each corner.

9. Sew the next line from the corner to the first registration mark making sure to keep the ruler 1/4″ away from the mark.

10. Continue in this manner until you get to the centre.

11. Trim to 6″ x 10″.

12. Lay the backing right side up then center the top right side down.

13. Sew a 1/4″ all around the mug rug leaving a 2″ opening. Trim all edges even with the mug rug except at the opening trim at 1/2″. Trim corners.

14. Turn inside out making sure corners are square. Press.

15. Top stitch in matching thread all around 1/8″ from edge.

16. Choose a decorative stitch and attach the A or F foot, sew over the seam.

15. You may wish to add a few more snowflakes to secure the top and bottom.

Enjoy your cup of tea and cookies.


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2 Responses to Holiday Mug Rug with Rulerwork

  1. Peggy J. Bay says:

    Can you post a link to the ruler work foot you are using for the 680+?

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