Meet Montana, my sewing buddy.  We rescued him about 1 year ago and he is now the most spoiled dog in the neighborhood.  He is a 1 year old hound mix.  As you can see he sits on my sewing cabinet (he is a 60lb dog) and keeps me company.  He has figured out that since I am at my sewing machine all day he can be with me if he can get on the cabinet.  It didn’t take him long to figure out how to jump up.  I love having him near me.

Stay tuned to see his July 4th outfit!

About lhartley

I have been in the sewing industry for over 35 years and have a unique knowledge of fabric behavior. While I enjoy quilting, I am a fabric embellisher at heart and often combine machine embroidery with heirloom sewing, quilting and garment construction for stunning results. I started sewing in high school and had a grandmother that taught me a lot about sewing. I loved this so much that I purchased a sewing machine store and added fabric and several brands of machines. I had this store for 28 years. I joined Janome/Elna in 2008 as an Educational Coordinator. This has allowed me to teach dealers and consumers about machines and sewing techniques that can be accomplished with sewing/embroidery machines. This includes teaching at American Quilter's Society events. A lot of my projects are examples of how to get the most from your sewing/embroidery machine and accessories.
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