blind app 1.jpgI was recently working on a quilt that had strips that I wanted to applique down.  I wanted a small applique stitch, one that actually looked like it had been hand appliqued.  My Elna machine had the perfect stitch. It is located in the Applique category and is on almost all Elna machines.
stitchblind app 2.jpg
Thread your machine and wind a bobbin with matching thread. Attach the F2 Open Toe Satin Stitch foot for better viewing of the stitching.   I increased the stitch width to 1.4 so I could see a little more of the stitch.  If you thread the machine with monofilament and leave the stitch width as the machine sets it, you will get a blind applique look.  Don’t be afraid to try different settings and different threads.


About lhartley

I have been in the sewing industry for over 35 years and have a unique knowledge of fabric behavior. While I enjoy quilting, I am a fabric embellisher at heart and often combine machine embroidery with heirloom sewing, quilting and garment construction for stunning results. I started sewing in high school and had a grandmother that taught me a lot about sewing. I loved this so much that I purchased a sewing machine store and added fabric and several brands of machines. I had this store for 28 years. I joined Janome/Elna in 2008 as an Educational Coordinator. This has allowed me to teach dealers and consumers about machines and sewing techniques that can be accomplished with sewing/embroidery machines. This includes teaching at American Quilter's Society events. A lot of my projects are examples of how to get the most from your sewing/embroidery machine and accessories.
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