eXpressive 920 Combining Stitches

The Elna eXpressive has 400 stitches and several fonts to choose from.  Recently I wanted to create a label and thought I would share how to do this.
Love My Elna

Combining Decorative Stitches
Touch Home > Decorative Stitches > Play.
Touch Combine  combine  and select stitch #4 (shoe).  Touch stitch #4 a second time.
Touch up arrow at bottom of stitch display bar to move cursor under second shoe.  Image turns red.
Select Horizontal mirror image.  horizontal mirror
Touch down arrow at bottom of stitch display bar and move cursor to the bottom of combination.
Touch Home > Decorative > Bridge #5  Note:  Bridge stitches are used to insert straight stitches between patterned stitches.  The number beside the pictured stitch indicates the number of straight stitches.

To check the combination, touch the memory check icon.  memory check
To save the file touch the Save File icon.  save file  Select location to save design.  Touch Rename icon  rename and enter name.  Press OK twice.
Home > Lettering
The size of the letters can be adjusted by selecting the L or S button on the adjust window.  Note:  Large letters are approximately 7mm, small are approximately 5mm.
Font   font > Block 9mm.
Type “I”, insert a space, then spell “L O V E”, space.
Touch Font > Symbol > heart.
Font > Block 9mm.  type “M Y”, space, “E L N A”.  Note:  to see the approximate length of the pattern touch stitch display bar.  The approximate length will be displayed.  Use this for placement of the lettering.
The machine will sew the pattern combination once and stop.  To make the lettering sew continuously, enter a space after the last letter.

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