Did you get a pack of needles with your machine and notice a needle with a purple tip?? And not know what it was for? These purple tip needles have been around for a little while.  They are now available in 5 needle blister packs as in the pic above. Ask for them at your local ELNA dealer.

Let me enlighten you about what these needles are to be used for:

  • They are for ALL ELNA  models. Part # 202122001 for the blister pack of 5 needles.
  • They are specifically designed to effectively prevent skipped stitches when you are sewing with stretch fabrics; multiple layers of fabric eg quilts; and when sewing across bulky seams eg at a hemline.
  • I have been asked if these are ball point needles?  Yes, they are slight ball point tips. They are able to pierce thick layers, tightly woven fabrics or “difficult” stretch fabrics with ease.
  • I have personally used these needles with GREAT  success when machine quilting on batik fabrics (which is notoriously tightly woven cotton fabric) – so I am sure that JANOME PURPLE TIP NEEDLES  are a very close relative of the microtex needle.
  • I LOVE sewing with knit fabrics – almost all the garments I make are done using knit fabrics. Some of these fabrics present no issues and “behave” beautifully whether I am using my ELNA serger for 4 thread seams or my EL444 SERGER for coverhem ; OR when sewing on my ELNA sewing machine – eg top stitching etc.           HOWEVER, I have from time to time encountered some knit fabrics which turn out to be a bit of a nightmare to sew. Whether I used my serger or sewed on my sewing machine, I kept getting skipped stitches……..like badly. It nearly drove me crazy …………….until the arrival of the JANOME PURPLE TIP NEEDLE that is. Now I have NO MORE issues with skipped stitches. It would be an understatement to say that I am a happy girl now because I know that even troublesome fabrics can be tamed with the correct tools!!
  • Just recently at the Vancouver Sewing Show in Abbotsford, we had a customer come to the booth with a little piece of fabric that she was using to make dance costumes. She was “tearing her hair out” as nothing she tried would stop the skipped stitches. The fabric was a soft knit with that sort of plasticized, “rubbery” surface….. just perfect for dance costumes but a very tricky fabric if you have tried to sew on this before. We sent her away to try the JANOME Purple tip needles and …..the next day she came back with a smile on her face and a sample sewn on the same fabric with NO skipping  at all. …….. Success!

Trust us, these needles WORK!


About lizafrica

I am the National Education Manager for Janome & Elna Canada (including Artistic Creative products) and I LOVE to sew! I have been employed full time in the sewing and quilting industry for almost 30 years so I bring a wealth of sewing knowledge & expertise to this blog. I enjoy all forms of sewing from quilting to sewing garments to machine embroidery and software. Pretty much everything in my life is seen through the eyes of a passionate sewer! I am constantly on the look out for fun, innovative and inspiring ideas to share with you all on this blog. I also love to read, knit , travel and spend time with my family and friends.
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  1. Annette Schultz says:

    I picked up a pack at the conference and will be testing them out soon. thanks for the advice
    in stitches

  2. Annette Schultz says:

    Hi LIz I have another question and I am not sure how to get it to you … sew I will try here.
    Is there a recall on the elna 740 something to do with a safety issue and the wiring ??? A friend found a link on line to this and it listed a number of serial number and I believe mine is among them. Any info would be great.
    thanks again
    in stitches

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Annette,
      There was a recall a long time back shortly after the machine was launched. All applicable models were recalled and modifications made to them or were dealt with before they left our warehouse to be sold to a dealer. That was successfully completed a long while back. If your serial # is on that list, it would have been done long before it even left our warehouse. You need have no concerns at all.
      Elna Canada.

  3. Annette Schultz says:

    thanks Liz for getting back to me and clearing this up, I thought it might be nothing to worry about but my friend had been researching and thought I needed to know.
    On a side note my friend and I went shopping at Haus of Stitches and she is now a new owner of one of your wonderful machines.
    thanks again
    in stitches

  4. SueC56 says:

    One the Janomelife version of this web page, you say that the needles ARE ballpoint with a Cobra head, and on this web page you say that they are NOT ball point needles. I assume only one of these answers is correct.

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Sue,
      Thank you for your query. I did 2 posts on these needles on this Elna blog and the second one corrected the previous info: the purple tips ARE ball points. I have gone back & corrected the error in the previous blog. Thank you for drawing it to my attention.
      Please contact us if you have any further queries.
      Elna Canada

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