INDULGE IN ALL THAT SWISS DESIGN HAS TO OFFER: THE EXCELLENCE EL 730 & EL760…………..Your sewing is your indulgence, make it more decadent with eXcellence™.

There are more stitches  than ever before on the EL760 EXCELLENCE: 272 to be exact –  AND they are 9mm wide.  And YES, that is a big deal! I stitched a bunch of 9mm stitches out next to the equivalent 7mm stitches and the difference is more than a little noticeable! It is a quite marked difference. So if you are as addicted to your dec. stitches as I am to mine………… will LOVE LOVE LOVE the EL730 & EL760 models

Big On Sewing Room And Delightful Innovation:

Quilters who’ve come to expect Swiss precision and innovative design from Elna sewing machines can now enjoy all that on a machine with extra large bed space, 9 mm stitch width, and an integrated feeding system. The Elna eXcellenceTM 760 quilting and sewing machine has an 11” sewing bed and hundreds of decorative stitches in the new larger, 9 mm size. And, it includes many new features specifically designed for the advanced quilter.

Since introducing its first machine in 1940, Elna has earned a reputation for offering superior precision and wellthought- out features that make quilting and sewing on their machines a delight. The new eXcellenceTM 760 is another step forward in this tradition.

The machine’s largest and most noticeable feature is its huge work space. The sewing bed measures a full 11” to the right of the needle. This is nearly double the size of a standard sewing machine. And for a quilter, this might be the best reason to buy the machine. The extra large workspace makes it possible to do the final stitching on a full-size quilt without worrying if all the rolled up layers of fabric and batting will fit through the sewing bed.

Stitch quality is an important feature on any sewing machine, and the eXcellenceTM 760 has much to offer here too. The stitches are bigger. There are more to choose from. And the 760 stitches them out faster than ever.

The important numbers to remember are 9, 270, and 1,000.

The eXcellenceTM 760 has 9 mm wide stitches, the widest currently available on home sewing machines. Thanks to an innovative 7-piece feed dog they are beautifully precise. More than 25% larger than 7 mm stitches, 9 mm stitches bring decorative patterns to life. Alphabets are bigger and better balanced, and designs are bolder, with much more detail.

The machine has 270 built-in stitches, including 11 different buttonholes and 3 different styles of alphabet. The stitch collections include Heirloom, Appliqué, Decorative, Quilt, Long Decorative, and Pictograph. Dozens of these stitches are exclusive to Elna, such as the Shell Tuck, hem stitches, fringe stitches, and cross stitches. These stitches can also be flipped (mirrored vertically) and sewn “upside down.” A Personal Stitch function key lets you save and recall your custom length and width preferences for any stitch.

Navigation through all those stitch choices is made easier with a jog dial, which works in conjunction with a key pad. Flip up the lid to see all your stitch choices on the chart, then quickly select the one you want via screen or dial.

The 760 can sew at 1,000 stitches per minute when doing a straight stitch. On full size quilts and other large scale projects, it’s nice to be able to zip along those long seams.

To make sure that straight stitch is especially precise, the eXcellenceTM 760 comes with a straight stitch needle plate that can be switched out in seconds. There’s no screwdriver required; just push a button and the plate currently on the machine pops up. Pull it out and pop in the other plate. The machine even knows which plate is installed and won’t allow you to sew with anything but a straight stitch when the straight stitch plate is in place. That being said, a new feature on the eXcellenceTM 760 is the ability to choose a left needle position with the straight stitch plate for free motion quilting.

Because the 760’s LCD screen and controls are positioned along the top of the machine, this leaves room for a storage panel. Pop open the vertically hinged door and find your 8 most-used presser feet neatly arranged in rows. The biggest challenge when quilting on a standard sewing machine comes when it’s time to stitch through all the layers at once. Depending on its style, a quilt can have many layers of various weights of fabric with thick batting sandwiched in between. This can give a machine with standard feed dogs fits. Even if a regular machine can send the needle through all that thickness, it may not have the ability to feed the multiple layers without shifting. It’s not unusual for the bottom layer to get slightly ahead, which gives the quilt gets an unintended twist. To prevent this, Elna gave the eXcellenceTM 760 the Integrated Adjustable Feeding systemTM (IAF). Using a patented upper feed dog, it works in conjunction with Elna’s exclusive 7-piece lower feed dog to ensure that even the thickest, multi-layer quilt is moved under the needle with precision and ease. When it isn’t in use, the IAF can be quickly and easily removed.

Serious quilters will also be happy to learn the eXcellenceTM 760 can be used on a quilt frame. Along with its large bed space, the machine has a Start/Stop button, which eliminates the need to control the machine with a foot pedal. It also comes with a remote thread cutter port, so when it’s on a quilt frame, it can be operated with the optional remote thread cutting pedal.

The 760 has many other time-saving features, such as a larger foot control pedal, an adjustable knee lifter, and Needle Up/Down with Down as the default setting. And it comes complete with standard accessories like a large extension table, a manual Cloth Guide, a semi-hard case, and the 15 presser feet essential for quilting and more.

The EL760 has a sister: the EL730

Quilters Will Love The Big Sewing Space And The Big Value Of The New Elna eXcellenceTM 730 Quilting Machine

For the past few years, the Elna sewing machine at the top of every quilter’s list has been the best-selling eXcellenceTM 740. With an 11” sewing bed, 9 mm stitch width, and the Integrated Adjustable Feeding systemTM(IAF), it has everything a quilter needs to enjoy full-size projects. Now Elna introduces a new machine with these top-of-the-line features, but at a mid-range price. The eXcellenceTM 730 has an 11” sewing bed, 9 mm stitch width, and is compatible with the IAF system (as an optional accessory).

While a standard sewing machine has about 7” to the right of the needle, and some specialty quilting models have 9”, it’s been only premium priced machines that have offered 11” or more in sewing room. A machine with that kind of arm length has to have an especially rigid inner frame so the machine does not flex during operation (one of many engineering challenges). Elna has given the eXcellenceTM 730 this premium inner frame so it not only has plenty of room for doing free motion quilting on quilts, it makes use of all that room with excellent stitch quality.

Another must-have feature for creating large quilts is a high sewing speed. With their long seams, big quilts can make a standard machine operating at 600 stitches per minute feel very slow. The 730 can run at up to 860 stitches per minute on a straight stitch. And, quilters can relax their pedal foot by using the Start/Stop button.

In addition to more room and faster sewing speeds, the ideal quilting machine must also be able to stitch through multiple layers of various weights of fabric with thick batting sandwiched in between. This can be a challenging task for a machine with standard feed dogs. Even if a regular machine can get the needle through all that thickness, it may not have the ability to feed the multiple layers evenly. It’s not unusual for the bottom layer to get slightly ahead, giving the quilt an unintended twist. To prevent this, Elna gave the 730 the option of using the Integrated Adjustable Feeding systemTM This quilting breakthrough uses a patented upper feed dog working in conjunction with Elna’s innovative 7-piece lower feed dog. The IAF ensures even the thickest, multi-layer quilt is moved under the needle with precision and ease. When it’s not being used, the optional feeding system is easily removed.

When it comes to stitch width, the 730 has an advantage over the 740 with 9 mm stitches. More than 25% larger than 7 mm stitching, 9 mm zigzag and appliqué stitches are wider and decorative stitches are bolder and much more dramatic. The 9 mm width also gives the IAF system a wider stance for better traction.

The eXcellenceTM 730 comes with 120 built-in stitches, including many 9 mm wide decorative stitches. These include 7 buttonholes and an improved alphabet. A quilter can quickly choose her most used stitches thanks to 10 Direct Select keys.

One of the most important accessories for a quilter is a straight stitch needle plate. This plate has a smaller needle hole. As the needle goes through, the smaller hole better supports quilting’s fine, cotton fabrics.

The fabric moves less with each penetration, which leads to better stitch quality. On a regular machine, changing to the straight stitch needle plate usually involves a little screwdriver and a lot of patience. On the 730, the needle plate can be switched from Standard to Straight Stitch in seconds, using nothing more than your fingers. Just press a button to pop out the existing plate and snap in the new one.

With hundreds of pieces in a quilt top, tiny errors add up quickly. It’s important to be able to place stitches exactly where they need to go. Quilters will love the 730’s patented needle placement accuracy. Special plate markings indicate needle drop position, provide angle marks, and act as front-of-the-foot guides.

Like the 740, the 730 also has a front panel storage compartment for the most-used presser feet. Just pop open the vertically hinged door and 8 feet are stored neatly in rows.

For easier viewing of fine work under the needle, the machine has a three-point LED lighting system. The light is bright, even and easy on the eyes.

The eXcellenceTM 730 has a long list of other time-saving features quilters will love: an adjustable knee lifter, Needle Up/Down with Down as the default setting, and an automatic thread cutter. And it comes complete with standard accessories like a semi-hard case and 15 essential presser feet.

The Elna Sewing Machine Company has always symbolized quality, innovation and service. Elna is a growing company committed to bringing excellence to our customers and our international distribution network. Elna is active in more than 60 countries, throughout the world


About lizafrica

I am the National Education Manager for Janome & Elna Canada (including Artistic Creative products) and I LOVE to sew! I have been employed full time in the sewing and quilting industry for almost 30 years so I bring a wealth of sewing knowledge & expertise to this blog. I enjoy all forms of sewing from quilting to sewing garments to machine embroidery and software. Pretty much everything in my life is seen through the eyes of a passionate sewer! I am constantly on the look out for fun, innovative and inspiring ideas to share with you all on this blog. I also love to read, knit , travel and spend time with my family and friends.
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  1. Would appreciate the price of Elna730

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Ardis,

      Sorry, you will need to get that information from your local Elna dealer. We do not offer retail pricing on this website at all.


  2. 211ssw says:

    Why are there no dealers listed for United States? I live near Philadelphia. Just bought Exc 760, not out of box yet, along with serger, also in box. It took me very long search time finding out whether separate walking foot is included, optional- the IAF system, is that something that’s used only for special situation? Is it case that programming turns it on & off? I gave my email address but now see that I’m logged in as 211ssw so it must be included. Thanks Sandra
    Thank you, Sandra.

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Sandra,

      We don’t list the USA dealers on this website as we have our own website for Canada. But if you go to, select America and go to the dealer locator (Find a Dealer in top right corner), you will find all the USA dealers.
      You should really be getting lessons and addressing your queries to the dealer who sold you the 2 machines. It is their responsibility to assist you with your new machines.


  3. I have an Elna Excellence 730. Does it need to be oiled when cleaning out?

    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Denise,
      Yes, it does. If you take the needle plate off and the bobbin case out, you will see a little wick in the middle of the hook race (the cup area which holds the bobbin case). Clean all the fluff away with your brush and then put a drop or 2 of oil on that wick. Do NOT pull that wick out thinking it is fluff! It is not and is meant to be there. That is the only place you need to oil. The rest of your lubrication is done inside the machine and must be done by an authorized Elna or Janome service technician only.


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