I made a few little projects for Valentine’s day & thought I’d share them with you today…………..the day when “Love is in the air”……..or so the song says??

"love is in the Air" wall quilt which is loaded with sewing & embroidery techniques and was whole lot of fun to make!
Liz’s “Love is in the Air” wall quilt which is loaded with sewing & embroidery techniques and was whole lot of fun to make!

Just a real quick list of the techniques I used. Want to know more? Send us a comment & I will do another post with more details on techniques & Elna feet & accessories used.

  • I started with digitized embroidery of the “Love is in the Air” using JANOME DIGITIZER MBX software. (Yes, you can use this software with your Elna embroidery machine – it is the software we sell here in Canada  – it is multi-formatted so you can bring in other formats + save to the format you need. The current EL820 uses the same format as Janome: .jef.)
  • Next came the couching of the rat-tail cording.
  • Then I did loads of machine decorative stitching using the 9mm stitches on the EL 760 EXCELLENCE AND EL820. This technique of playing with machine decorative stitches is something I learnt last year from Carol Ann Waugh on– her online workshop called “Stupendous Stitching” (Search for previous blog posts 2012 for other samples I have made and to see the fun you too can have doing this!)
  • I also added some applique’s – a heart & 2 floral embroideries.
  • Machine Quilting was next after “sandwiching” the wall quilt: I did a combo of straight line stitching using the Integrated Dual feed Flex foot (foot AD) and free motion stippling in the “open areas” using the Free motion foot that comes standard with the EL760.  Here’s a tip to avoid frustration: I was using polyester embroidery thread (pink) for the quilting which is strong and so should not have presented any issue with shredding & breaking. I was getting so fussed as the thread  kept breaking continually. I changed the needle; re-threaded a “million” times but it was still breaking. I then glanced up at the tension selector knob and noticed that it was set at almost 7! I had forgotten to change it back to auto tension.  Neither wonder it was breaking!! So the moral of the story is (yes, it was my fault!): DO check ALL the machine settings before you get to the ” steam coming out of your ears” stage! I changed it back to auto tension and never had another thread break – same thread, same needle, same me. Oh well, I am sure I will take my own advice next time before I get frustrated.
  • I stuffed poly toy stuffing into the sections under the lettering to Trapunto quilt these areas to make them “puff” out and be emphasized.
  • Last but, not least, I added the binding and popped a contrasting grouting under the binding before sewing it down on the front of the wall quilt. I thought it needed a little definition at the edge seeing as I had not added a border.

This is the next little wall quilt (above) I made at home on a cold, snowy weekend in mid January (perfect time to sew!) after Wonderfil Threads had asked me to make them a Valentine’s sample for hanging in their booth at upcoming shows. Congrats to Wonderfil Threads who got into “Road to California” which is a big quilt show in LA in late January.  They have been on the “waiting list” for a booth for a number of years and finally got in this year!! So exciting for them    – so this little wall quilt is winging its way towards this show as I write (though the show will be over by the time you read this for Valentine’s)

OK so that big clean up I did at home in early January turned up a number of things: I discovered, for example, that I only have about 8-10 small embroideries remaining to do on my Infinity Quilt (started …..well I am embarrassed to say….must be 4 years ago?!) I thought it was far from finished. Now I have put it on my 2013 UFO list as I really have no excuse not to complete it now.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL INFINITY QUILT SUPPLIES: BOOK; DESIGN CD & ALL RULERS  are currently in stock and can be ordered through your local ELNA dealer in Canada. The infinity Quilt has seen a bit of a come-back…………care to join the Infinity quilters??

Amongst these embroidered Infinity quilt blocks, I found this miscellaneous one (above pic): probably done to be a pillow for the bed once the gorgeous Infinity quilt was done & actually on a bed! Well, this is not going to become a pillow – I used it for a “Flowers for Valentine’s” wall quilt as the colours just seemed so perfect for all the sentimental, soft, mushy stuff that can be what Valentine’s is all about. No, it is not red, I know, but it spoke to me of pretty Valentine’s……and it does have pink!

Flowers for Valentine’s was embroidered and free motion stippled around the embroidery + dec. stitch and straight line quilting in the pink border. See this quilt in the Wonderfil Threads booth at shows where they are represented – for starters: see it at the BC Sewing shows in Victoria & Abbotsford in March 2013!

Bottom corner of "Love is in the Air" showing a close up of the dec. stitching, applique embroidery & binding with contrast grouting.
Bottom corner of “Love is in the Air” showing a close up of the dec. stitching, applique embroidery & binding with contrast grouting.

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I am the National Education Manager for Janome & Elna Canada (including Artistic Creative products) and I LOVE to sew! I have been employed full time in the sewing and quilting industry for almost 30 years so I bring a wealth of sewing knowledge & expertise to this blog. I enjoy all forms of sewing from quilting to sewing garments to machine embroidery and software. Pretty much everything in my life is seen through the eyes of a passionate sewer! I am constantly on the look out for fun, innovative and inspiring ideas to share with you all on this blog. I also love to read, knit , travel and spend time with my family and friends.

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