4th-full-pageIf you have been thinking about purchasing an Elna Sewing/Embroidery machine, now is the time to take advantage of this special offer.   This offer has been extended until July 11 giving you extra time to get to your Elna dealer to get the machine you have been dreaming about.

Happy 4th of July from Elna!

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Meet Montana, my sewing buddy.  We rescued him about 1 year ago and he is now the most spoiled dog in the neighborhood.  He is a 1 year old hound mix.  As you can see he sits on my sewing cabinet (he is a 60lb dog) and keeps me company.  He has figured out that since I am at my sewing machine all day he can be with me if he can get on the cabinet.  It didn’t take him long to figure out how to jump up.  I love having him near me.

Stay tuned to see his July 4th outfit!

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blind app 1.jpgI was recently working on a quilt that had strips that I wanted to applique down.  I wanted a small applique stitch, one that actually looked like it had been hand appliqued.  My Elna machine had the perfect stitch. It is located in the Applique category and is on almost all Elna machines.
stitchblind app 2.jpg
Thread your machine and wind a bobbin with matching thread. Attach the F2 Open Toe Satin Stitch foot for better viewing of the stitching.   I increased the stitch width to 1.4 so I could see a little more of the stitch.  If you thread the machine with monofilament and leave the stitch width as the machine sets it, you will get a blind applique look.  Don’t be afraid to try different settings and different threads.

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Memorized Seams are extremely important when creating “Y” seams found in many quilt blocks.  A perfect example would be the tumbling block pattern.
These blocks were made from 60° diamond shapes.
To see how to create these, click on the link below.

memorized seams

Elna machines with this feature are:
eXpressive 920
eXpressive 900
eXpressive 860
eXcellence 780
eXcellence 680

Memorized Seams-ELNA

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Know Your Needle Plate

Elna patented needle plates are designed with etched guides to simplify your sewing. Educator Nancy Fiedler provided this helpful Sewing Basics article to show you how to use the etched markings on your needle plate.

Nancy goes over the starting needle position; using 5/8″ and 1/4″ seam allowances; diagonal placement lines and the other seam allowances featured on your needle plate. The arrows placed on the needle plate images in the article will guide you into sewing the perfect seams.

needle plate.JPG

Know Your Needle Plate-Elna



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eXpressive 920 Combining Stitches

The Elna eXpressive has 400 stitches and several fonts to choose from.  Recently I wanted to create a label and thought I would share how to do this.
Love My Elna

Combining Decorative Stitches
Touch Home > Decorative Stitches > Play.
Touch Combine  combine  and select stitch #4 (shoe).  Touch stitch #4 a second time.
Touch up arrow at bottom of stitch display bar to move cursor under second shoe.  Image turns red.
Select Horizontal mirror image.  horizontal mirror
Touch down arrow at bottom of stitch display bar and move cursor to the bottom of combination.
Touch Home > Decorative > Bridge #5  Note:  Bridge stitches are used to insert straight stitches between patterned stitches.  The number beside the pictured stitch indicates the number of straight stitches.

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Groovy Kitchen by Mary Tanana

What are you cooking this week?  Mary Tanana’s Groovy Kitchen embroidery designs should get you in the mood to mix it up. 

AcuDesign Groovy KitchenFind the full collection in our AcuDesign app.

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